An EMS mobile app

Help in the right location.
Saving lives is all about time. A swift ambulance or helicopter arrival depends on knowing your precise location. Pressing the emergency red cross button puts you in contact with the 155 emergency line. At the same time, an sms is sent with your exact location. Help is on the way…

Know where you are and what’s around you.
The Locator function shows your exact GPS location and the nearest automated defibrillator, ER, dental clinic, or pharmacy. The app clearly displays points of interest with the option to quickly navigate to that location.

First Aid help when you need it most.
Giving first aid before the emergency services arrive greatly increases a person’s chances of survival. The Záchranka mobile app gives you help and support with its interactive guide, which takes you through the most important steps in a simple and intuitive way.

Date: novembre 3 Category: Apps, IoT, Telemedicine