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How can we make sure innovation helps the safety of people? That’s where CrisisTech comes in!
CrisisTech is a start-up programme created and run by EENA, the European Emergency Number Association. The accelerator will provide access to content, expertise, resources and mentoring to start-ups from around the world active in the fields of emergency services, public safety and crisis management.


About EENA

EENA, the European Emergency Number Association, is a non-governmental organisation based in Brussels, with the mission to contribute to the improvement of the functioning of emergency services for citizens.

Our vision is that every citizen can access emergency services and receive the appropriate information and care during an emergency or a disaster. To that end, EENA aspires to be the organisation in the sector driving change and making an impact.

EENA has one of the most comprehensive memberships in the sector, covering over 80 countries and bringing together emergency services, public authorities, industry representatives, researchers, mobile network operators, international associations, tech companies and Members of the European Parliament.

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